Are There Really Angels?

Are There Really Angels?

There was a special segment on National Public Radio sometime back.

It was a collection of sound effects gathered by Abinadi Meza, an artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Meza had been in a bar in Dublin, Ireland.

A man at the bar contended that Ireland was the home of “the world’s loudest bat.”

Quite a boast. Meza was fascinated. The world’s loudest bat. Here was the problem, according to his Irish bar mate.

The bat screeches at a decibel level which the human ear cannot detect.

Dogs and some other animals can hear it.

Special scientific devices can measure it, but there is a range of sound that humans cannot hear, and this bat’s screech fell in that range.

If humans could hear the bat, contended this man, it would be like having a jumbo jet taking off next to our ears.

The man’s testimony was enough to send Meza out with electronic gear to try to find this bat, and capture its sound. Meza was not successful.

However, using his special equipment, he was able to record all kinds of other annoying sounds around Dublin usually filtered out by our limited range of hearing.

That is, they were sounds that were normally outside the range of pitches audible to human ears.

He played a collection of these specially recorded sounds on the program, “All Things Considered.”

This variety of high-pitched whines and screeches undoubted caused many listeners of NPR to be grateful they were not able to hear everything their dog hears.

Here’s the point:

Just because we cannot hear a sound does not mean that it does not exist. The fact that we cannot hear it says more about our limitations than it does about the sound.

So it is with things of the spirit.

There are realities that are perceived only by those in tune with God’s Spirit.

One of these is that great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, providing us with encouragement and strength that is spoken of in Hebrews in the New Testament

Sometime back, the magazine RUNNER’S WORLD, mentioned a unique phenomenon which they called, “The Bislet Effect.”

The Bislet Effect is named for Bislett Stadium in Oslo, Norway.

More than 50 track‑and‑field records have been broken over the years at Bislet.

No other stadium can boast of this kind of record setting. And it’s not because of the frigid weather in Norway.

Runners do not run faster just to keep warm, though that might make sense to some of us.

And it’s not the altitude. Wind resistance is no different in Oslo than in most other cities.

The secret is the track itself.

It is a narrow, six‑lane track, and the stands that surround it are very steep.

According to RUNNER’S WORLD, when 21,000 fans all scream, “Go, go!” in this kind of up close and personal setting, you run faster.

The crowd forces you to keep your rhythm and push harder for one more stretch, for one more turn.

It’s like being surrounded by a cloud of witnesses. Such faith helps us be all that we can be.


I read an article in Fortune magazine about management, and the title was “You Are Absolutely, Positively On Your Own”.

It was an article about the workplace, and outplacement, and downsizing. It hits close to home.

Or maybe you are working with difficult people, and the job never really seems to get accomplished, and you feel like you are in the ship all by yourself.

It is easy to feel that we are alone.

Look a little more closely. In Hebrews it says “Since we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, we can lay aside every weight and sin.

We can relinquish something. We can let go. We can surrender. We can shed some of the excess baggage.

Do you remember that cloud of witnesses?

Imagine that you are running the race, and the stands are filled with folks who are cheering you on, pulling for you, ecstatic that you are going to make it.

You are not alone in this –passing the baton

You are an Angel.  It does make a difference if we give encouragement, be with someone, believe in them.

Here is An Example of What I Mean Concerning Angels

It was baseball season in a small Pennsylvania town.

If you know anything about Little League baseball, you know it is also a time when little boys’ hearts and egos are on the line.

A certain ten-year-old had ridden the bench most of the season. But in the championship game, his coach finally called him up to bat.

The little boy’s whole extended family had turned out for this very special game.

His parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, second cousins–they were all there, cheering and clapping and shouting words of encouragement.

The little boy swallowed his anxiety and stepped up to the plate. He gripped the bat and stared hard at the pitcher.

Whoosh! The pitch flew by him. Strike one!

From the stands, his family cheered him on.

“You can do it! You can do it!”

So he lifted his bat again and waited for the pitch.

Again he swung and connected with thin air.

Strike two!

His shoulders started to slump and his hands began to sweat, as he stared down the pitcher one last time.

Whoosh! Strike three!

The other team jumped and shouted for joy, while the little boy’s teammates gave him the silent treatment as they left the field.

Our little batter slumped over on the dugout bench, put his head in his hands, and began to cry.

But his crying was interrupted by the sound of his father’s voice: “Son,” he said, “the game’s not over.”

Lifting his head, the boy saw his family–all of them–even his frail grandmother, spread out across the field, waiting to play.

They began cheering loudly as the boy picked up his bat. His father pitched the ball, and the boy swung. Crack!

The ball flew into the outfield, and the boy took off for first base. As he rounded the bases, cousins, uncles and aunts shouted words of encouragement.

Somehow, all those able adults were unable to corral the ball he had hit.

And as the boy headed for home base, his father stood behind the plate with open arms.

They celebrated his home run by lifting him on their shoulders and carrying him around the field.

That day the young boy experienced a cloud of angels.

May you see the angels in your midst.

May you be an angel to someone today.

Be a Miracle






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