Brain Power

Brain Power is uncovering the secrets of brain performance — with a little help from our friends. The Human Cognition Project is a groundbreaking research effort to bring together a network of scientists from 25 of the top neuroscience programs in the world, including Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard. Our goal is to use Lumosity as a platform for learning about cognitive enhancement and brain performance

Lumosity designs personalized training programs tailored to each person’s goals, whether those be improving memory, reaching peak performance, or focusing attention. With the help of your Brain Performance Index (BPI), you’ll grow more confident as your training grows even more focused and productive.

I Have been using this program for the last year to help me with my memory , focusing attention and multi tasking. It’s been fun and great. I get nothing for endorsing their site but I wanted to pass the info on to all my friends. It is definitely living Beyond the Z.

When I began I was in the 66% of my age group 55-59 and now I am in the 96% one year later- Smack !

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