Don’t trust someone named Huck.

I had just gotten my bike tuned up and was excited about getting out on the bike trails by my new place. There was an older gentleman two doors from my place that was getting on his bike as I road by him.

I thought about stopping and inviting him to ride with me but because this was my first time biking in a long time I knew my legs would be out of shape and I wanted to go at my own speed.As I rode out of the apartment complex and found the bike path there was Huck waiting for me. He must have known a short cut through the complex to get here. He smiled. “I’m Huck, I’m 78 but I’m still going strong. Come on follow me. I’ll show you the way to the park.”

I was trying to formulate a sentence about going by myself when he took off motioning me to follow. I could have ignored him but I wanted to see where the park was and since he was 78 I thought I could keep up with him.

He was going at a pretty good clip but I was fine for the first half hour.  I could see the muscles ripple in his calves as he rode ahead of me. When we stopped at a traffic light to cross to the other bike path, I asked wiping my brow,”how far to the park?” He could tell I was winded, “are you ok? You know I’m 78, the parks not far, come on.”

I realized as he took off, there was something going on between the two of us besides a nice bike ride. He would keep looking back to see if I was keeping up with him. I was so far away from my apartment that if I stopped I would not have a clue how to get back on my own. After another fifteen minutes we arrived at the park. My legs were now feeling shaky, and I was tired. There was no way I was going to ride through the park. I wanted to say, “ok, old man, you proved your point, you can still ride farther and faster than someone 20 years younger.”

Instead, I motioned to Huck to go on and shouted, “I’m done for the day, and I’m going back.” I thought he might stop and tell me how to get back to the apartment complex but he nodded his head and kept on riding.

I rode on the main roads and was able to get back to my place in 20 minutes but by the time I got home I was whipped.

I’m not sure what the spiritual learning is from this experience, I’ll let you give me your insights this time.

All I know is if a man named Huck tells me twice he is 78 years old I’m riding the other way.

 Be a Miracle


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