From Chaos to Creation

Have you ever lived in chaos? It can be unsettling, confusing, disturbing at times. But it also can be creative, insightful, enriching.

I have left a community where I had been the Co-Pastor with my wife Diane for 14 years. I have gotten an apartment for us, close to my new church (First Christian Church, Mooresville Ind.) where I will be the Senior Pastor. Diane will be staying as the Senior Pastor of Florence Christian, helping that congregation plan its future once she leaves. After 27 years living in the same place we will co-mingle (sounds enticing) between our two homes.

It will be a new experience having to cook for myself (ok, in reality, I will probably eat out a lot), keep the house clean, and do all the things that Diane did that I took for granted. I will also be starting a new ministry by myself.

The older I get the more I enjoy a routine to my life.  When our lives get predictable and settled, we get comfortable. It’s nice to be comfortable but unfortunately it can also get stagnate, and stale.

A time of chaos can shake things up and open us to new possibilities. It’s hard for God to do a new thing when we are settled in our routine.

Chaos can be fun and exciting if we trust that God will (as God has always done), take care of us in this time of change and creation.

The world began in chaos but God created beauty, goodness, and love out of the chaos  and proclaimed ,”It is Good.”

If you feel like you have a lot of chaos , try not to be afraid of this time but see it as a time when God can do a new thing in your life.

Be a Miracle,


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