How do they know?

How do they know?


I have a friend Lois G who is very intuitive. She told me the other day my book Blurring The Lines was in Africa. I laughed, feeling a little embarrassed. I couldn’t imagine someone in Africa, reading my book. The book has hit the Top Ten of the Zehr Clan reading list but not the New York Bestsellers.

I asked Lois if she was kidding and she turned her head like she was trying to see an image and then she responded -“yes it is in Africa!”  I smiled but inside I thought “there was no way it had made it to Africa, the book has only been out for two months.”

Today I received this twitter

                                 judy_croome Judy Croome Have   just bought an interesting spiritual book called “Blurring the   Lines” by @jerryzehr

Jul 16, 11:24   PM via Twitter for   iPad

She lives in Johannesburg Africa.

My blog is entitled Beyond Z , so I have to be willing to trust people who can see beyond the realm of my knowledge. Have you ever met anyone like this, who can intuit things  about yourself that you don’t even know?

May we all be open to things beyond our understanding.

Be a Miracle



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