I Dare You

“I Dare You” by William Danforth was a book that had been given to my father when he took a course through Dale Carnegie in 1959. The table of contents had a chapter entitled,”You Can Be Bigger Than You Are.”There were also chapters entitled “I Dare You To Build Character, I Dare You To Think Creatively, I Dare You To Share.”

He gave this book to me in 1979. I have read it numerous times over the years. This was a theme my father lived by and challenged me to live by. As he grew up in a conservative Amish lifestyle he felt he wanted more in his life. He dared to leave the farm and branch out to explore the world in front of him.  My father taught me by his example to always examine the beliefs we have been taught and be open to new understandings.

This Sunday is Father’s Day. May you take a moment to reflect on what was the best thing your father taught you? Let us give thanks for the Father’s in our lives

I like the title “I Dare You.”What is God daring each of us to do?

Be a Miracle


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