I Was Wearing Diane’s Clothes Today.

I went to Kroger’s today to shop for groceries. Do you know how many times in our 27 years of marriage I have gone grocery shopping? Your answerer is correct. When I went through the checkout lane and saw the bill, it was $110.  I said …… you got to be kidding. I didn’t buy that much.

When Diane ( who did  the grocery shopping for us ) came home, I would always look at the bill and say, ”you got to be kidding! It’s that much? What did you buy?”

This time I had no one but myself to ask that question of.

The moral to the story: Don’t make a judgment about someone else’s tasks until you do it yourself. I feel like a schmuck for all the times I complained about the cost of the groceries. This time all I bought was  steak, wine, and ice cream… a few other  items….. $110 really? Sigh…..

Try not to judge until you walk in someone else’ shoes or grocery cart.

Be a Miracle


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