I’mpossible to Make a Change in Your Life

I’mpossible to Make a Change in Your Life


Notice if you put a small ‘ in the word IMPOSSIBLE  it becomes I’M POSSIBLE.

With one little change the idea of something being impossible all of the sudden is possible.

That is the way in most things that we think are impossible. If we can shift or add one little element, things change and we see a new possibility.

Helen Keller lived in a world of silence and of physical darkness.

Many people pitied her because she did not have the full enjoyment of her bodily senses as they did.

But she said, “It is because they do not see the golden chamber in my life where I dwell delighted; for dark as my path may seem to them, I carry a magic light in my heart.”

She said, “Faith, the spiritual strong searchlight, illumines the way, and although sinister doubts lurk in the shadow, I walk unafraid toward the Enchanted Wood where the foliage is always green, where joy abides,where nightingales nest and sing, and where life and death are one in the Presence of the Lord.”

Mountains of envy, despondency, and self-pity are in jeopardy when that kind of faith is around. Faith that gives one the joy of expectancy is a mighty faith.

And yet one cannot expect that every mountain will be removed from his or her life or from the world. Some will remain regardless of faith’s might. But even these may cease to be obstacles to abundant living if one has a faith in a greater power that can guide us.

George A. Buttrick asks, “What is faith?” and then answers, “An expectancy of the soul, a thrust into the future, an innate trust in God.”

This element of trust must not be overlooked. It is this which gives one the peace which faith provides.I like the word trust when we think of faith. When people would say “just have faith”,I had a hard time grasping what that meant.

When I started use the word trust in the place of the word faith, I was able to grasp a new understanding.

Trusting in a Higher Power, which some people call God, others call it the Universal Consciousness, we connect with a wisdom, and power greater than ourselves.

When we trust in God, we move beyond our limited understandings and knowledge.  By connecting with this source, it begins the process of growth and abundance.

May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope. Romans 15: 13

 I have a copy of On Beyond Zebra, a favorite Dr. Seuss book. I want to share a portion of it, because this is the key to everything I want to say.

 Said Conrad Cornelius O’Donnell O’Dell, my very young friend who was learning to spell, “The A is for Ape, the B is for Bear, the C is for Camel, the H is for Hair, the M is for Mouse, the R is for Rat.

 I know all twenty-six letters like that. Through to Z is for Zebra, I know them all well,” said Conrad Cornelius O’Donnell O’Dell. “Now I know everything anyone knows from beginning to end, from the start to the close, because Z is as far as the alphabet goes.”

Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor when I picked up the chalk and drew one letter more. A letter he had never dreamed of before.

And I said, “You can stop if you want with the Z, and most people stop with the Z, but not me. In the places I go, there are things that I see that I never could spell if I stopped with a Z.

“I’m telling you this ’cause you’re one of my friends, my alphabet starts where your alphabet ends. My alphabet starts with this letter called yezz, it’s the letter I use to spell yezzametezz.

You’ll be sort of surprised what there is to be found, once you go beyond Z and start poking around.

So on beyond zebra explore like Columbus, discover new letters like wum, which is for wumbus, my high-spouting whale who lives high on a hill and who never comes down till it’s time to refill.

So on beyond Z, it’s high time you were shown that you really don’t know all there is to be known. And if you want to hear the rest of it, see me afterward, and I’ll arrange a private reading for you.”

Is it Impossible to Make a Change in Your life?pure life

A catalyst is a small amount of one chemical  that put with another will have a transforming effect ,a chain  reaction.

This is a substance, usually present in small amounts, that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process.

Bringing a catalyst into your problem will make it move from Impossible to I’m possible.

If you could dream the resolution to the problem, maybe even start praying for the dream, these thoughts will become your catalyst.

There is tremendous power in a dream- it gives focus for your life.

When you start to claim your dream, God will invite you to step out of your comfort zone.

Here are 4 tips I follow , when I feel stuck.

  • Dream a dream -Form a team
  • Write it down
  • Pray over it regularly-
  • Be open to God’s leading each day

I’mpossilble to Make a Change in My Life

Here is a poem I have proclaimed for 30 years. May this remind you of these words,

I May be Black, I May be White ,

I May Be Wild, I May Be Uptight,

But I Am,

God’s child

I May Be Rich,I May Be Poor,

I May Be Exciting,I May Be A Bore,

But I Am,

God’s Child

I May Be In, I May Be Out,

I May Be Tall, I May Be Stout,

But I Am,

God’s Child



But Never Defeated

Because I Am,

Because I Am,

God’s Child

Be a Miracle



P.S.  Let me know how you get yourself “unstuck” in the comments.

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