Look Beyond

There are times when we  are going to an event  where we feel like we will be judged or critiqued. We try to convince ourselves to stay home. It will be safe and comfortable there. Yes,it will be cozy but it can also become stagnate. We need to  look beyond our regular routine and try  a new adventure.  In reality ,we will be  judged. People will make all types of assumptions about us that are not true . It will take time  to build relationships and let people get to know the “real” you.But this should not stop you  from entering into a  new activity or  group. If we want to enjoy  the fullness of life we will need to be willing to  take some chances and try new things. Remember the story about the  mother who went into her son’s bedroom on Sunday morning and exclaimed,”It time to get up for church.” To which the man replied,”I’m not going to church and I will give you two reasons why.. One: I don’t think the people will like me and two: I’m not sure I will like the people. His mother  shook her head and then replied,” I will give you two reason why you ARE going to church.One: your  46 years old and two: you’re the minister of the church!”

I  have recently moved  from Florence Ky.and  will become  the Senior Pastor of a congregation in Mooresville Ind. It felt very scary leaving my friends and community  where I had lived for 14 years to move to a new town.  I know when I stand in front of the  congregation on Sunday morning ,people will make a lot of judgements  about who I am. It’s what we all do, I will make judgements about them too.

You will meet new people this summer. You will have the opportunity to engage in new activities  as well. Just remember  ,how God sees you is much more important than how others see you .

Give it time and let people get to know the “real” you. Try to look beyond the surface of other people and see their true spirit.for we all are children of God.

Be a Miracle


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