I Believe in Original Blessing not Original Sin

I believe in the Original Blessing:

“God created human beings in His image; male and female, He created them, and it was good.” [Genesis 1: 28]

I want to affirm that each of us is a child of God and that, in our nature, we are created good.Certainly, we “miss the mark” [the original thought/meaning of the word “sin”].

We revert to our own wants/desires– away from God. 

Part of our spiritual journey is to develop a greater relationship and a stronger relationship with God—to learn to seek God’s guidance before we launch out in our will.  Certainly, we will do things wrong.

But, our original nature is that of the image of God.  And, it is good. 

This is an important distinction because there are many churches that teach the theology & concept of “original sin” [because of Adam & Eve, our “sin” is necessary—we have no other alternative—we have no options but to “sin”].

The theological doctrine known as original sin [as the TV comedian, Flip Wilson, said “the Devil made me do it”] began with Jewish theologians during the exile in Babylon. 

The Apostle Paul spoke of it [see Romans 5:12-21], although Paul was emphasizing “Grace” bestowed upon by Jesus, the Christ.

The concept was adopted into Catholicism through efforts of priests such as Augustine [in the 400 to 500 CE era of Christian church development].

Now, if we dwell deep enough on this concept, we will begin to think in terms of “predestination”, as well. Throw up the hands and ask “how can we be held responsible/accountable?”

Original sin was used/is used to help people understand why they need Jesus Christ– they need to accept Jesus in order not to be “doomed”.

From that doctrine, people took the public sacrament of Believer Baptism from an act as ”free will” evidence of belief and determined that  infants must be baptized because they cannot express their need to be “saved from doom”.

Otherwise, the newborn/toddler/child would go to hell, if they were to prematurely die [as many did during the plagues of Medieval times].

Out of fear and intimidation, people sought to become a member of a church, as an insurance policy. 

I Want To Claim The Original Blessing

I believe that God created us in God’s image and that it is good.  We are not exactly like God—we are earth dwellers.

We believe that in our DNA, in our very nature, all human beings are good—and can be better than they are.

We believe that the source of the methods that allow us to be better [and responsible] is “Grace Love” from the Creator of Life. 

Certainly, we have seen people do terrible things over the years.

Because of the choices we make and/or because of how we have treated one another and/or for reasons due to our upbringing, we believe– and claim that, in our very core, we can find ourselves in a deepening relationship with God.

And, if we grow in the very essence of how God wants us to be, we will be better than we are today.  And, that is good.

The Divine spark that gave us life is of God and we all carry that Divine spark.

Many times through the ages, as Christians have embraced the concept of original sin, it has had negative ramifications upon us.

Some people have been taught that they are not to trust their bodies, their emotions, their own personalities.  And that, somehow, who we are is “wrong”, even “evil oriented”.

Theologically, the motive was to at least get us “saved”.  If, in the process we let God change and transform us, then that would be a bonus.

But what the doctrine actually accomplished was to shape people into beings that were ashamed of their sexuality and their emotions.

Rather than to try to help us realize that, as we grow with God, we will develop and grow more into God’s desire of who we were created to be.

We have certainly perverted and distorted our image, because of our own ignorance and lack of knowledge and understanding in relationship with God.

So many people believe that they are not “worthy”.They believe that they are not acceptable.

Their self-image may be so beaten down because they have been told over and over again that they are a bad, terrible, lazy, stupid person.  All these things we do, diminishes one another.

But, as we grow in a greater relationship with God, we are made “complete”.  And, so, we begin with this understanding.We claim and hold dear to who we are.

We want to begin to claim and affirm that we are created in the image of God.

All that makes us human was truly created in the image of God because God truly loves us as his children. It was good originally, and it is good now. 

May you awaken the Divine spark within you and let it shine throughout your life.

Be a Miracle


 PS I talk more about this topic in my blog  The Secret to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs ,if  you want to explore more in the theme of Original Blessing

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