The Party Line

The Party Line

I was with a group folks last Saturday where we had some who graduated from high school in the 1940’s and some who had graduated from in the 1990’s.We laughed at the amount of changes that have taken place. People in the 40’s didn’t even have televisions when they graduated, they listened to the radio. They had a party line for their telephone where they could listen in on the other people who were talking to their friends’. The ones who graduated in the 1990’s are already feeling a little lost in 2012 with all the technology that has advanced.

The one thing that has not changed is the need for community. To feel connected to others. This was the wonderful gift of the Incarnation. I have realized it is in community with others I experience a depth of the holy, the sacred, the presence of Christ that I could not experience by myself.  I like to be alone but if I had not found a community that I could discuss, and live out my faith I would not have had as much richness in my soul and life.

Maybe things haven’t changed so much after all. We have Facebook and Twitter where others can see our conversations with our friends just like the old party line telephone.

We still want community; it just comes in a different way.

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