The Secret to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The Secret to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Many times we have bought into a set of beliefs that might have benefited us at one time but now limit us.

I Dare You by William Danforth was a book that had been given to my father when he took a course through Dale Carnegie in 1959.

The table of contents had a chapter entitled, You Can Be Bigger than You Are. There were also chapters entitled, I Dare You to Build Character, I Dare You to Think Creatively, and I Dare You to Share.

He gave this book to me in 1979. I have read it numerous times over the years. This was a theme my father lived by and challenged me to live by. As he grew up in a conservative Amish lifestyle he felt he wanted more in his life.

He dared to leave the farm and branch out to explore the world in front of him.  My father taught me by his example to always examine the beliefs we have been taught and be open to new understandings.

Are there beliefs that you have lived by but do not fit into your world view today?

Here Are A Couple of Steps to See If Your Beliefs Limit You or Enrich You?

1. Do Your Beliefs Make You Feel Guilty, Shameful or Bountiful and Gracious?

God doesn’t want us live in shame. God wants us to live in abundance. I was taught as a young person that we born into original sin.

I was taught we were sinful in our very DNA. For the longest time I believed I was a bad person. I felt ashamed for my feelings and emotions. Then I read Michael Fox’s book Original Blessing. In this book he proposes that we were created in the image of God and it was GOOD.

Wow. This changed how I saw myself and life. Yes, we mess up and make mistakes but in our very nature we are good.

Do you believe you are good? Do you believe God want you to live a life of abundance?

2 .Become Aware of Your Thoughts

In my earlier blog post how to change your life I quoted Frank Outlaw.

Watch your thoughts; they become your words.

Watch your words; they become your actions.

Watch your actions; they become your habits.

Watch your habits; they become your character.

Watch your character for it will become your destiny.
Your thoughts are the beginning of your beliefs. Are your thoughts empowering or discouraging yourself. Many times we hear a voice from our past that is reinforcing an earlier belief about ourselves or others.

Become aware of the thoughts you let stay rent free in your mind. If they are not empowering, get rid of them. Do not allow them to dwell in your mind and soul.

Finally, You Are A Person Made Wonderfully In The Image of God.

God’s essence is in the fabric of your DNA. Let the power of God’s love nurture and expand into every part of your soul and beliefs.

Be a Miracle




  1. Great post Jerry. I am reminded of a conversation about having a codependent understanding of God. A faith that keeps us from being who God has made us to be is not consistent with the character of a loving and empowering God.

  2. Hi Jerry,
    Thanks for your patience. I justgot through looking over your site and I can honestly say, I really have no suggestions. You have a wonderful and very professional site. i especially like the “about” page. You really covered quite a bit. I was left feeling as though I knew you personally. Really, a very good job. Wishing you all the best!!



  1. I Believe in Original Blessing not Original Sin - - [...] I talk more about this topic in my blog  The Secret to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs ,if  you want to…

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