Tragedy,Killing….Where is God?

Tragedy,Killing….Where is God?

“Why did God let that killing in the movie theater happen?” I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts. I tried to decide what the young man was really asking?

“Do you believe in free will? That God allows us to make choices for our own lives?” I asked.

He shifted his feet back and forth as he spoke.”Well, yes, I mean I don’t think we are puppets but if God is all powerful why wouldn’t he stop such a terrible thing from happening.”

I could tell he was getting frustrated as he moved his feet back and forth.

“We have a narrow concept of power in our country.” I could tell he might not grasp this concept but I went on. “We think power is something we use to get our way. To dominate another person but there are many aspects of power that we do not even realize. I believe God created the universe with certain physical laws that set our world in motion. God is Spirit. In Spirit God can influence our spirit, if we open ourselves to Him. He will not use coercive power on us but it is the power of love that guides, influences, and restores our spirit.”

The young man turned his head and looked off into sun. I could tell he was thinking about what I said. He turned his eyes back to me and then responded. “Well, then, where was God, when all this was happening?”

I paused for a moment thinking of all the times I had asked that same question. “God was there, giving courage, strength, love, guidance. It is up to us, how much we will allow God to guide us.

As long as we are selfish, stubborn, or hateful and do not ask for God‘s guidance and wisdom there will be terrible tragedies in our world. May we open ourselves to the Spirit and bring the presence of God into our midst.


AS I always say …..Be a Miracle!




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