Trial and Error

I am so sorry for the old post that you have been getting.This  website,blog ,mailings, is all new to me but  I refuse to give up.  I will not little errors stop me from  using new technology. To many of my friends throw up their hands and  exclaim proudly,” I’m not using any of that  tech  stuff.” I wonder what they did when  we first had VCR’s or went from  8 track tapes to CD’s? Ok , I do know one person who still listens to music with his 8 track player,but he can’t get anymore parts for his player so when it quits I guess he just  stops listening  to music.

I hope everything is finally fixed but if I still have some bugs to work out , I will NOT GIVE UP!  Please don’t give up on me either  – Luckily  the mailing list  is not big yet- you are the ones who have begun the journey with me to see what is ”Beyond Z”

Let’s explore it together

Be a Miracle


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