Will I Ever Learn?

Will I Ever Learn?

I got a special offer from Stamps.com. If I download their software they would give me $45 of postage free and a 5 lbs. digital scale free. 4 Weeks with no risk and no upfront cost. Sounds good doesn’t it? You get $45 of postage and 5 lbs. digital scale FREE? How could this be a bad deal?????

Once I signed-up  and ordered the scale I saw  I had to pay for the shipping of the  scale which was  $10. Then I saw  I  have $5 of free postage but I have to buy $10 of stamps to get my $5 of free stamps. Where is my $45 free postage I ask?

Ohhhhh….They tell me, after my 4 week trial period when I will be charged $15 a month to use their service, I will then be able to access part of the $45 each month for the next three months while I pay my $15 a month to get my free $45 of postage .

There is never anything free is there?

I must give them kudos . I am pretty good about avoiding sales offers …. But this looked like it was all upfront……. Man… were they good at their hooking me in.

I shake my head and remind myself for the 125th time …. If it looks too good to be true ….IT IS !

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